Revenge of Killer Sudoku: Killer is the right word!

Since my sudoku books are now available on and other international Amazon websites, I will post a few reviews of my books from those websites. Of course, the books are all the same on all websites, so these reviews are valid no matter where you’re buying the books. 🙂 First up…

Revenge of Killer Sudoku

This is my first book in the Revenge series and some argue that it is the best one. It introduced Zero Killer Sudoku puzzles for the first time. There are 8 reviews of this book on 7 reviews are 5/5 stars, 1 is 4/5 stars. Here are all 8 reviews by people who bought and solved puzzles in this book.

Most challenging killers I’ve found

5/5 stars I love Killer Sudokus and have always strived to find difficult puzzles to tackle. The 1st Killer Sudoku book by Djape offered just that and was excellent and left me desiring more. So I purchased the appropiately named Revenge of the Killer Sudoku and spent far more time than I could afford struggling through it. The zero (blank cages) at the end kept me quiet for hours, and 1 of the earlier puzzles beat me completely (number 139 if anyone is interested). My wife was sick and tired of seeing me slouched on the chair every spare moment I could find, head in book, grunting at her attempts to prompt me out of it. She wasn’t very happy about me purchasing revenge 2 when I finally reached the end of the book and won’t be pleased to find I’ve just oredered volumes 3 and 4. If you like a challenging puzzle then these are the best and most difficult I’ve found and offer way too many hours of ‘fun’.


5/5 stars I struggle to find killer sudokus that are difficult enough – most books have a very large portion that are far too easy with only a few challenging puzzles at the end. This, howevever, has harder puzzles right from the start. At first it took me a while to get used to the way the book is printed (I had been used to The Times ultimate books) but this didn’t take long. If you’re a beginner try something else first, but if not then choose this – I have yet to find anything more challenging!


5/5 stars A great book. DJApe’s puzzles seem fresher, more interesting and definitely more challenging than the Times ones (comparing the hardest ones). I particularly like the Zero killers where many of the squares are left blank. Seems to open up some further and beautiful lines of deductive reasoning – as well as being an interesting hybrid of normal and killer sudoku. To sum up DJApe is continually pushing the boundaries of these puzzles rather than going through the motions and if you are looking to be challenged is the place to come! Good luck to him/her?! (I still enjoy the Times’ ones but have never got stuck on them and they seem more of a work-out than a challenge I might not succeed at within a reasonable time-frame.)

Sudoku Revenge.

4/5 stars Not over keen on the presentation of the puzzles. All the totals are NOT top left – which may seem petty, but it caused me to put the book away rather than swop between formats. I can’t put my finger on why I do not like the dotted lines and none square boxes. Still lots of puzzles for the price, though I have not got to the harder ones yet.

if you liked this, seek out “revenge 2”

5/5 stars RE Vol 2, I do not understand why it is not available on amazon uk, but you can either get it on, or as a download – it is a great progression from this first book, for everybody who is getting bored with a big chunk of “baby” puzzles at the start of a book – I got the download version, and the best thing is, you can reprint fresh pages at a later date and redo it all… sad? I should say so! Djape’s puzzles are a cut above the rest, with NO guesswork required to find the solutions. Highly recommended, both book 1 and 2 (and now, I believe, 3!)

A step up from The Times

5/5 stars After cutting my ‘Killer Sudoku’ teeth on the 4 Times KS books I found this to be a step up. The books quickley become challenging and often give you very little to start the puzzle. My only moan is that I’m a bit of a scribler and there’s very little space around the puzzles to do any calculations etc, but that’s a minor point. An excellent book. Do I no buy the next Times book when its released or will I find it too tame?

Another killer killer

5/5 stars Excellent book. 150 puzzles; 100 of which are of the best, difficult, quality. This chap knows his killer sudoku.

Killer is the right word…

5/5 stars If you’ve done the puzzles from DJAPE’S other book then this is what comes next. The puzzles start with “cool” level and move onto to “IQ”. At the end of the book are some puzzles with blanks in the grid for you also to work out. The IQ puzzles are seriously difficult and can leave you wondering if it was really meant to be this hard. If you are an addict and don’t want to waste money on a book with too many easy puzzles then you will not be disappointed. If you are new to Killer then work through the Times books first then progress to this. Lets hope there’s another book soon… in the meantime killersudokuonline on line will have to do.

The original reviewers can ask me to remove their reviews if they don’t like them shared here.
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