Puzzle books for Kids

Here are two new volumes of puzzle books for children. First is Sudoku for Kids! Volume 1 was published 18 months ago and it really has had a fantastic reception with 13 reviews (which is quite a lot for such a short period of time). Dare I say that this volume 2 is even better than the first one? It is up to you and your children to find out! And the other is a book full of Word Searches puzzles for children. The size and the topics for words have been adjusted to be suitable for kids. Volume 1 was published only 6 months ago so it’s still early to say how you like them. Please do share your thoughts! And one more thing… I’d like to remind you that about 5 months ago I published a book called “Puzzles for kids”. It contains a variety of puzzles for children and if nothing else, one thins is for sure: they won’t get bored with this book!
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