Prices on some of my books – SLASHED!

Some of my books are being heavily discounted at the moment. Before I introduce them to you once more, let me kindly ask you again to review my books on Amazon if you buy them. If you have already bought them, you can still do that. It means A LOT to me!
My first Kakuro book: This book is undeservedly neglected. I know my Kakuros are of top quality. Some of you know that too. Those that don’t know that yet should look at the Kakuro category and try some of my puzzles there. Further, this book is the only book (as far as I know) that contains Kakuro variants: odd/even, (non)consecutive, greater/less than. And on top of that all, it is now priced only $6.95 on Amazon!!!
Djape does Sudoku: 300 puzzles for ADVANCED solvers: This is not a book with your ordinary puzzles that you can find in your local newspaper. This puzzles are rather difficult. On top of it, it contains 60 puzzles that require you to apply either the X-Wing or the Swordfish techniques. It is now priced only $7.95 on Amazon!
Sudoku Straights: Where Poker Meets Sudoku: A one of a kind book! Books with such puzzles have not been published elsewhere. Try some of them from the Sudoku Variants category. The book is dirt cheap: only $6.95!!! on Amazon!
From what I know, there will be no further reductions in prices. And the prices on these books might go back up! So now is the best time to get them.
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