Picross book with 255 ALL NEW puzzles

Here is the first book for 2021 season!

It’s a Nonograms book with 255 puzzles. What’s important is that all puzzles in this book are NEW, and not published elsewhere. And they will not be published elsewhere. I plan to release one volume with about 250 puzzles (give or take) every year.

A majority of puzzles are THINKER and BRAIN difficulty.
Furthermore, more than 50 puzzles are of the sizes 15×15, 15×25, 30×20 and 30×40 each. I think those are the best sizes for picross puzzles, where 30×40 is, obviously, the most challenging and best looking puzzle size of all, with most details.

I really do think that this is the best Griddlers books I’ve published so far. The images are absolutely beautiful. And the puzzles are not too easy and not too hard. Well, some of them are a bit hard. But most of them are just the right difficulty.

Hope you will like it!

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