Outside Sudoku for Kindle Touch and other Kindles

Here it is, my first game that works on Kindle Touch as well as all other black and white e-ink Kindles (“new Kindle”, Kindle DX, Kindle keyboard, 2nd gen, 3rd gen).

Outside Sudoku: thinking outside the box! for Kindle

Now, get this… if you click on this image and pay just $0.99 you get 120 Outside Sudoku and Outside Sudoku variants puzzles! It’s the best deal ever! Outside Sudoku Before you buy, you can read the rules of Outside Sudoku. Still, be aware… in this collection of puzzles for Kindle, in addition to standard sudoku, you also get all sorts of Sudoku variants: Jigsaw Sudoku, Consecutive and non-consecutive sudoku, odd even sudoku, hyper sudoku, diagonal sudoku… all in the Outside Sudoku format! As all Kindle games that I released, this is a fully featured interactive puzzle game for your Kindle device, you solve the puzzles right there on your Kindle, you don’t need Internet access unlike in some other games for Kindle. You can use pencilmarks, get hints, undo previous moves, etc… all features of a decent game. By the way, the puzzles in this collection are the same as those in this paperback book: Click on that image and read the reviews of Outside Sudoku book! Almost exclusively 5/5 stars!
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