Outside Sudoku and Frame Sudoku

Yesterday I sent out a newsletter announcing two new sudoku books I just published. In case you missed it, here it is again. First book is a new volume of Outside Sudoku and its variants! Yes, 4 years after volume 1, I’ve decided to publish another one. The content is more or less the same, with the addition of Outside Twodoku. And the second book is kind of similar. It is also a “compendium” of Frame Sudoku puzzles and variants thereof. Frame Sudokus are similar to Outside because the clues are outside of the grid. However, each clue represents the sum of the three nearest numbers (and the rule of 45 applies), so it resembles Killer Sudoku a little bit. Finally, the way you combine and intersect the horizontal and vertical clues is similar to how you solve Kakuro. So, all in all, it’s a hybrid puzzle and I hope you’ll enjoy the book.
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