Oh, Djape…

Back in the day, this website used to be alive and kicking. Now it’s barely alive and certainly not kicking anymore.

I tried to revive it, I even hired an agency to build a totally new website but, let me be frank, running a website never was my thing. I like programming and making puzzles, that’s all. And I will keep doing that in the form of the books I publish, which can be purchased from Amazon.

The content of this old website should all be there and you should be able to find the old puzzles and stuff. If something doesn’t work, please let me know.

If you, dear visitor, are interested in running my website and running newsletter campaigns on a PRO BONO basis until we see if we are a fit, please contact me at: djape at djape dot net.

I will occassionally update the website with information about new books and that’s more or less all.

Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter, that way you will be updated about new books.

Sorry… It was a lot of fun back in 2005 and until about 2009-2010.

But don’t worry… NEW BOOKS are coming VERY SOON!

Cheers <3

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