Number Search and Number Fill-In books

I’ve just published two number-books. One is something totally new: a number fil-ins book and the other is a volume 3 of the Number Seach book series. So… unlike in Number Searches, in Number Fill Ins your goal is to fill the grid with the given strings of numbers. Essentially, this is like crosswords but with numbers. There is only one way to fit all number strings in the grid and it can be tricky to find out how. A book full of number fill ins is here: The other book is completely the opposite: this time the grid is full of numbers, there is a list of numbers below the grid and it is up to you to find them in the grid! That’s all. Kind of complementary to the fill in puzzles. I’m sure you already know about this book, since it’s volume 3 of the series. I’m sure you folks are anxious to hear about the “main feature” books, including new volumes of the Revenge series, the Samurai series, Jigsaw, Killer Samurai and Kakuro… but please be patient… they are coming in a few days! 🙂
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