Nonograms for KIDS

Earlier this year I published my first book for kids: Calcudoku for kids. It was received very well as a kids’ game for Kindle, but perhaps a bit neglected as a paperback. Anyway… Another “for kids” book is now also available. This time it’s a picture puzzles book, full of “hanjie” or “griddlers” or “nonograms” or “Picross” puzzles, specifically designed for children, ages approximately 6 to 12. It’s something like a drawing book or coloring book for children, but using this book, kids will also learn some skills like logic, patience, counting and reasoning. Now, about the puzzles in this book. They are not small and thus labeled “for kids”! No. They are the usual size, from 15×15 all the way to 45×50, with the majority being 20×20. So, how come these puzzles are “for kids”? Well, in all puzzles there are additional starting clues, pre-filled cells, marked either a definite “black” or a “dot”. This helps your child start the solving process, without the usual need to “crack” a puzzle, which would make them too difficult for kids. All puzzles are labeled for difficulty in 7 levels. First couple are just to worm their fingers and sharpen their pencils, but later they progressively become more and more difficult. All in all, your child will enjoy solving 70 nonograms puzzles and you’ll pay just $5.99 for that! That’s a great deal for keeping your kid entertained for hours!
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