Nonograms for Kids game on Kindle

Hello folks, this is my first post in 2013. 🙂 So, Happy New Year! 🙂 Hope you had nice holidays. So we start the year with a gift for children. 🙂 Quite appropriate I would say. It’s a Griddlers Nonograms Hanjie Picross game for Kindle, but this time, the puzzles are of suitable level to be solved by children. Starting clues (black and white cells) are given so that your kid would know where to begin. It’s a nice change. Remember, I’ve already released two games for kids on Kindle, Sudoku for Kids for Kindle and KenKen for Kids on Kindle.

Griddlers for Kids … JUST $0.99!!!

Remember, there is also a paperback book with Picross puzzles for kids:
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