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The summer is almost over and the season for new puzzle books is slowly knocking on the door. First book to be published this season is a book of Loco Sudoku puzzles! I’ve already published one book of loco sudoku, but under the name of multi sudoku. Loco sudoku or multi sudoku puzzles are overlapping sudoku variants where each overlapping grid has its own rules! For example, one grid could be consecutive sudoku, another could be diagonal sudoku, a third grid may be jigsaw sudoku etc. There are numerous combinations of these grids, so they never get too boring! Also, most of the loco sudoku puzzles are laid out in Samurai Sudoku format, except for the few introductory ones. And best of all… the book is currently discounted by 44% on Barnes&Noble website, so make sure to get it NOW! THE BOOK COSTS JUST $5 at the moment! Oh… and one more thing: THE BOOK IS SPIRAL BOUND, so it should be very easy to separate the pages if you prefer! Click on the book cover to get there: loco-sudoku-book-250px It is also available from Amazon on the following link:
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