Little book of Trigons puzzles

A new volume with nothing but TRIGONS puzzles has been released. This time, it’s a smaller (and much cheaper) book than the first book of trigons and the big book of trigons I published before. Numerous new designs and patterns of trianglons feature in this book! The combinations are endless and they never become boring. There are altogether 67 puzzles in this little book which is 6″x9″ in size, so it is easy to carry around with you on the beach or wherever you will be solving the puzzles this summer. 10 puzzles are 0 to 5 and out of those 10, 9 of them are the so called Zero Trigons, which are more difficult to solve! Then, there are 53 “standard” trigons, 0 to 6 in size, and 6 of them are Zero Trigons (some trigons sums in the puzzle are unknown at the start!). At the end, there are 4 puzzles 0 to 7 and one of them is a “zero”. One thing is for sure – for it’s size, this book surely packs a punch! You will be challenged!
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