Killer Sudoku Compendium

In case you are not reading my newsletter, I’d like to let you know that I’ve published two new Killer Sudoku books. First up is volume 2 of the Killer Sudoku Compendium. Volume 1 had the best reviews ever and one reviewer even said that it was “Quite simply the best puzzle book I’ve ever owned!”. Well, this volume is even better! It contains more killer sudoku variants than any other book I’ve published. Some of the variants you will find in this book are:
  • Killer Sudoku 0 to 8
  • Zero Killer sudoku
  • Killer Sudoku 0 to 9
  • Diagonal Killer X
  • Killer Sudoku with +, -, * and /
  • Frame Killer Sudoku
  • Killer Samurai
  • Flower Killer Sudoku
  • Butterfly Killer Sudoku
  • Twin Zero Killer Sudoku
  • Odd/Even Zero Killer Sudoku
  • Non-consecutive Killer Sudoku
  • Hyper Killer Sudoku
  • Clueless Killer Sudoku!
The puzzles are of all difficulty levels, from EASY to INSANE, so there is something for everybody. So, if you think you’ve become well versed at solving normal Killer Sudokus, your next step is this book! What do you think!? Oh, and the other book I just released is volume 2 of the Zero Killer series, but more about that in a few days.
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