Killer Samurai Sudoku: 75 puzzles (vol. 2) – IMPORTANT INFORMATION

Unfortunately, for the first time, I must announce that there was a problem with the Killer Samurai Sudoku volume 2 book. While all puzzles in this book were Ok, there was a problem with the solutions. Solutions were not placed the way they should’ve been. 3 solutions were missing and all solutions have wrong puzzle numbers printed next to them. In fact, the solution to each puzzle were printed right underneath the puzzle itself (with the wrong puzzle number attached). This is clearly an error in editing and I’m surprised that it hasn’t been spotted before. This problem has been fixed and the book that is now available on is correct! IMPORTANT: I would like to kindly ask all those who purchased the book to send me an e-mail to with the original PDF file attached and I will send them a new, corrected, PDF file. My sincere apologies to all who purchased the book with incorrect solutions. Hopefully things like this will not happen again.
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