Killer Kakuro Non Consecutive

As you may know, a while ago I started making Kenkuro puzzles and published a Kenkuro book. These puzzles are also known as Killer Kakuro and a new book with only those puzzles is coming soon! Anyway… as I like to make variants of all sorts of puzzles, here is a non consecutive variant of Kenkuro. So… solve the puzzle using numbers 1 to 9, never place two consecutive numbers next to each other horizontally or vertically and of course, follow the totals given for each region. The totals include the arithmetic operation (addition +, subtraction -, multiplication x, division ÷) which must be used in that region to obtain the total. Got it? If not, feel free to ask :). And of course let me know how difficult it is… this one is ranked MEDIUM.

Non Consecutive Kenkuro Kakuro variant

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To see the solution to this puzzle click here
PDF Version of this puzzle: Kenkuro Non Consecutive PDF.
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