Jigsaw Sudoku: Squiggly puzzles

A few hours ago another review came in. This time it’s for Jigsaw Sudoku: 150 very twisted puzzles. It’s another short review. Also 5/5 stars. This Jigsaw Sudoku book, containing nothing but the squiggly variant of sudoko puzzles, has 5 reviews so far. 4 of them are 5/5 stars, with just one being 3/5 stars.
I purchased this as a gift for my father and he loves it. He did say they are somewhat more difficult then other sudoku puzzle books I have purchased, but he loves a challenge. By the way…he is 87 yrs. old.
So, Susan reviewed the book on behalf of her father. Susan, if you are reading this, give my regards to your father! 🙂 There are 2 more volumes of Jigsaw Sudoku, plus there is the Jigsaw Sudoku compendium. All these books contain nothing but the twisted suduko puzzles, also known as squiggly sudoku, or irregularly shaped sudoko. The compendium also contains variants of Jigsaw Sudokus, for example, in different sizes (including 10×10 puzzles), diagonal jigsaw sudoku, jigsaw tridoku, outside jigsaw sudoku, overlapping jigsaws (Twodoku) and many other different variations of this popular kind of puzzles.
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