Harakiri Compendium (Double Samurai Sudoku Variants)

Hey folks, it’s time for new puzzle books for the summer of 2017! First up is a new volume of Double Samurai Sudoku Harakiri, however, this time, it’s a COMPENDIUM, which means it contains variants of the Gattai-8 overlapping sudoku samurai puzzles. So, in this book there 30 classic Harakiri Sudoku puzzles, 10 Diagonal Harakiri Sudoku X, 10 Consecutive Harakiris, 10 Non-consecutive Sudoku Harakiri puzzles, 10 Jigsaw Sudoku Harakiri puzzles, 10 Hyper Windoku Harakiris and 1 surprise Harakiri puzzle. The final puzzle is a surprise, but I think you might be able to already guess what it is. 🙂 Ok, now… I’ve never posted a Non-cons Harakiri before, so, here is one to try before you buy the book. 🙂 Again, there are 10 of them in this new compendium. I won’t explain what Non cons sudokus are, because if you don’t know, you should first try regular Non Consecutive Sudoku and only then move on to this big variant.

Non Consecutive Sudoku Harakiri (Double Samurai) – DIFFICULTY: THINKER

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PDF Version of this puzzle: Non Consecutive Sudoku Harakiri (Double Samurai) puzzle in PDF.
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