Flower Sudoku: 5 in 1 Sudoku puzzles in different flavors – “Still my favorite sudoku variant!”

A new review of Flower Sudoku: 5 in 1 Sudoku puzzles book has been posted on Amazon. It’s a short, 5/5 stars review. Interestingly enough, so far there have been 4 reviews of this book – and all reviews of Flower Sudoku book are 5/5 stars!
As always, djape’s puzzles are fantastic and range from quick to downright difficult. Flower sudokus are my favorite sudoku flavor, and this book is perfect for them!
This book should be interesting to all of you who also like Samurai Sodoku puzzles: Flower Sudokus are also Gattai-5 (5 in 1 overlapping Sudoku), just like Samurais, the only difference being that the 5 constituent puzzles overlap much more than in Samurai puzzles: in fact, the center sub-puzzle is completely covered by the other 4 overlapping sudokus. Further, in this book you will not only find the classic Flower Suduko puzzles. There are additional 6 variants of Flowers: diagonal, odd/even, consecutive, non-consecutive, greater/less than and killer flower sudoku. So… the Flower Sudoku book is not for the fainthearted; it’s for a true puzzle connaisseur. It’s certainly also a nice change for those who enjoy Samurai Sudokus – it’s similar but not quite the same. Give it a try!
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