Easy Samurai Sudoku book

Most of my Samurai Sudoku books have contained either puzzles of all levels or slightly more difficult puzzles than what you are normally used to find in a puzzle book. So, to rectify that, this time I am publishing a book of Easy Sudoku Samurais. Now, of course, bear in mind that my “easy” level is not as easy as it sounds. Those puzzles can still be tricky and quite demanding of your time and solving skills. Anyway, the book is here. It contains 100 sudoku samurais plus a gift at the end. 🙂 Oh… and the price? Right now it’s just $7.99!!! So go get it now! I will soon release a new volume of the Super Samurai Sudoku book series. There won’t be a new volume of The Way of Samurai until at least spring 2016.
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