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From this page you will always be able to download the latest release of Perfect Sudoku. The current version is Perfect Sudoku v0.4 Two most important things about this version: 1. This version is absolutely FREE! No annoying “about” dialogs and “please register” reminders. This of course means you can freely use the software for your personal needs. You may not publish puzzles generated by Perfect Sudoku in any way. 2. This version DOES NOT include Killer Sudoku generator. It DOES include a new, improved version of Killer Sudoku solver. I am truly sorry about the second point – but it had to be that way. For the time being at least. We’ve had long discussions about licensing of our software and mainly where are we going from here and the decision has been made to make the classic Sudoku generator absolutely free but to keep the Killer Sudoku generator for other purposes for a while. It is certain that at some stage the Killer Sudoku generator will be made available to you, but it is not known when. With this version you get one Killer puzzle (rated “thinker”) free. Download it, test it, send feedback… You can post a comment to this message.
NOTE: Perfect Sudoku requires Microsoft .Net Framework to be installed on your machine. If you do not have it already, you may download it from Microsoft. If you are running Windows XP you should already have .Net Framework installed. You do not need to download it! Test the application first! If after installing and attempting to run Perfect Sudoku you get an error message similar to this: “The application failed to initialize properly“, then you surely need to download the .Net Framework from the link above.
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  1. Sofia Engström
    Posted November 1, 2009 at 8:05 pm | Permalink

    I can´t get the down load link to work. All I’m getting is a message stating “Page can not be found”

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