Sudoku for Kindle

Another Kindle game has been released. This is the first re-release for Kindle of a paperback sudoku book that I published before. It’s a collection of 300 classic Sudoku puzzles for Kindle. Now, those are not just your ordinary easy, repetitive Sudokus that you find in your local newspaper. No. These are tough. Challenging. Demanding. For some of them, you must use some advanced sudoku solving techniques like X-Wing or Swordfish. So…

300 difficult Sudoku puzzles for Kindle

300 difficult Sudoku puzzles for Kindle Of course, this is a fully featured interactive puzzle game for your Kindle device, you solve the puzzles right there on your Kindle, you don’t need Internet access unlike in some other games for Kindle. A paperback version with exact same puzzles is available here: More Kindle games are coming soon!
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