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Three of my books are currently discounted on Amazon by about $1 each. It’s not much, but in today’s economy every $ counts. Here are some reviews of them.
5/5 stars
Great fun!, January 29, 2008
By Victoria (Northern Virginia, USA)
This is a fun book! The puzzles are a bit harder than those in Peter Greene’s samurai sudoku books (which I liked) and thus more of a challenge. … The page sizes are good and paper quality is good — stands up to erasing. Highly recommended for fans of samuai sudoku.
5/5 stars
Absolutely! The best!, June 3, 2010
By Ladybug “Ladybug Story”
I absolutely love this book the best of all the ones out there, and I own ALL the O’Ekaki and Conceptis books. … But this book goes above and beyond all the rest. The paper is very high quality, for one thing. Publishers need to know how quickly poor quality paper will turn off fans. Second, the pictures might not have titles (and I do miss that) but they are easily recognizable. Third, there is NO guessing in these puzzles. Those who do O’Ekaki will know that sometimes you are reduced to shooting in the dark trying things and guessing till you figure it out. NOT SO with this book. That makes the puzzles a ton more fun! Fourth, the resulting pictures in the bigger grids are absolutely gorgeous! …
5/5 stars
hooked again best author for these puzzles!, October 10, 2010
By J. I. Pfitzner “intaatuniqueaccents” (Melbourne Australia)
This type of puzzle, where you make pictures from numerical clues, takes a bit of perseverance. But once you get the hang of it, they are great fun. This book contains the most elaborate pictures! I only just got it in a shipment of DJAPE’s new releases, so have only tried a couple. And, as usual, the author has included some other variants at the end of the book to whet the appetite. I love this! A great way to try a new type…and then get hooked. Great quality paper, excellent instructions. This author is a true expert and creates the most interesting and enjoyable puzzles of all the authors I have tried. And I have tried quite a few in the past. …
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