Diagonal Sudoku for Kindle

It’s been a few years since I published this Diagonal sudoku book: Now, I brought this exact same book to Amazon Kindle

Diagonal Sudoku: 200 puzzles with an X

is now available as an interactive Sudoku game on Kindle! I’m sure you all know, but just to make things clear, this is a collection of Diagonal Sudoku or Sudoku X puzzles, nothing else. For this sudoku variant the rules are very simple: all standard Sudoku rules apply, but, in addition, you cannot repeat a number on either of the two diagonals. And that’s it. What’s important to know about this Sudoku game for Kindle, is that it’s much cheaper than it’s paperback counterpart. We are not chopping any forests in order to produce this set of puzzles, so if you opt for the Kindle version, you get 200 Sudoku X puzzles for $1.99!!! As all Kindle games that I released, this is a fully featured interactive puzzle game for your Kindle device, you solve the puzzles right there on your Kindle, you don’t need Internet access unlike in some other games for Kindle. You can use pencilmarks, get hints, undo previous moves, etc… all features of a decent game.
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