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Samurai Sudoku puzzles published by Djape in The Washington Post and The Washington Express

My books in a bookstore nearby?

Would you like to see my books in an independent bookstore nearby? Well, go to the bookstore, talk to the manager, tell them how much you like my books and let them know that they can order the books directly from me with up to 60% discounts and free shipping! Tell them to send me […]
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Discounted books on Amazon

I just noticed that many of my books have been discounted, so now is the time to get them! Revenge of Killer Sudoku vol. 1 goes for $8.95 The Way of Samurai vol. 1 goes for $9.95 Killer Samurai Sudoku vol. 1 for $9.95 My first Kakuro book for $8.95 Sudoku Straights also for $8.95 […]
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My puzzles in Washington DC and New York City

This is just a reminder that tomorrow, on Sunday, February 28, 2010, my Samurai Sudoku puzzles will restart in the Comics section of The Washington Post. Also, I am pleased to announce that I’ve made a deal with Kinokuniya bookstore from New York City. They will offer for sale all of my books, all 28 […]
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The Washington Post restarts with my Samurai Sudokus!

Good news folks! 🙂 The Washington Post have decided to restart printing my Samurai Sudoku puzzles in their Comics section of the Sunday issue… thanks to YOU! Apparently the readers have been clamoring for the return of Samurais and the editors had no other choice but to change their minds only a month after they […]
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The Washington Post stops printing my Samurai Sudoku puzzles (NOT!) :)

Bad news folks, I’m afraid: the Samurai Sudoku puzzle printed in the Comics section of The Washington Post on Sunday, December 27, 2009, would’ve been the last Samurai puzzle printed in this newspaper. After four years and more than 200 Samurai puzzles, they have decided to stop this feature. From the editor: “The change is […]
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Jigsaw TwoDoku

Hello everyone, I’m back! 🙂 After a few weeks of no updates and some problems with the site, it’s time to get back to usual daily and weekly routines. The Washington Post Samurai Sudoku solutions have been updated. The Weekly Samurai X puzzles is now also in place. On Tuesday, there will be a new […]
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First Anniversary of (belated)

Well, folks, it’s been more than one year since I started posting puzzles on this website and I’d like to write a few words about that. Actually, since this site has become popular thanks to Killer Sudoku puzzles I intended to wait until the anniversary of the first Killer Sudoku puzzle posted here, but CathyW […]
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