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Puzzle variants such as Nurikabe, Hitori, Slitherlink, Hidoku, CalcuDoku

A new Hidoku puzzle

Since I stopped with the Daily Hidoku puzzles, I never really posted one puzzle of this species for you. Sorry about that, here it is now! By the way, the two Hidoku books I published should be solved in reverse order. 🙂 Why? Because the puzzles in Volume 1 are slightly more difficult than the […]
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Here is my second Slitherlink puzzle. My solver thinks it’s rather difficult. What do you think? You can read The rules of Slitherlink (Takegaki, loop-the-loop, loopies…). Slitherlink 11×11 for Monday, March 4, 2010. Difficulty: INSANE? Click on the puzzle thumbnail to access the puzzle.Tweet Enjoy and do comment, please! 🙂
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Introducing Slitherlink (loop the loop, takegaki, fences, dotty dilemma… you name it)

Another kind of puzzles that I’ve started creating recently… Slitherlink! These puzzles are also known under many different names. Slitherlink puzzles are not a Sudoku variant. They can be of any size and the rules are: 1. Connect the dots to form a single loop with no points of intersection. 2. The clues given tell […]
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Killer Sudoku with all operators in TwoDoku format

I don’t think I’ve ever posted a puzzle like this one. Yes it is essentially a Killer puzzle. Yes, it’s also an overlapping sudoku puzzle, Gattai-2 (TwoDoku). But it also has some similarity with Calcudoku puzzles, because you must use all four operators (+, -, *, /). Killer TwoDoku with all ops for Tuesday, February […]
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As you may have noticed, I’ve changed things a little on the site, by removing some of the daily puzzles. While Daily Killer Sudoku and Daily Sudoku variation will remain, as well as bi-Weekly Samurai Sudoku, all other puzzles will be posted here, on the main page of the site. Expect at least a couple […]
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My first Nurikabe puzzle (a difficult one)

Another addition to my portfolio of various number/logic puzzles are Nurikabe puzzles. I think these puzzles are being undeservedly somewhat neglected in the puzzle world and I intend to change that. The number of solving techniques and approaches that can be found in Nurikabe puzzles far exceeds any other puzzle type. For me it was […]
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Hitori, Killer Sudoku Compendium, Sudoku Straights and Hidoku 2 on

Finally, my latest four books are available on TweetTweetTweetTweet
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