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10 New Books have been published!

The Book of Letter Fill-Ins (random letters, not words!) Le BIG book of BIG Trigons (6 and up!) Avant-Garde Sudoku (outside, flower, (non)cons) Quirky Sudoku (Loco–Multi–Wacky series) Picross Hanjie Griddlers Nonograms NEW 250++ 500++ Medium Hard Kakuro Deadliest Killer Sudoku The Way of Samurai TEN 600++ Sudoku Puzzles Book (SUPER CHEAP) Super Quad Samurai Sudoku Variants […]
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New Sudoku book with 600++ puzzles

It’s that time of the year, folks! Time for new puzzle books by Djape. I am eagerly waiting for you to tell me about the new books that you would like to see. Meanwhile, I’ve published a book of vanilla (meaning “regular” or “plain”) Sudoku puzzles. Yes, it’s just another Sudoku book, but the goal […]
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Easy-Medium Trigons Book

This is the easiest Trigons book I’ve published so far. So, if you haven’t already tried Trigons puzzles, then you should certainly start with this one. It also contains STEP-BY-STEP instructions on how to solve Trigons. Remember, Trigons are not Sudoku! They are not even related. They are one of the most difficult kinds of […]
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Easy Medium Kakuro Puzzle Book

1000++ KAKURO PUZZLES8.5 inches x 11 inches paper size and thick paperhalf of the puzzles are 10×15 and the other half are 10×10half are easy, half are medium level of difficulty4 puzzles per pageall solutions I think that says it all. 🙂
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Easy Medium Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzle Book

Here is a new jigsaw sudoku book I published! I think it’s a great value for money and also it makes for a nice gift for someone wanting to learn how to solve Jigsaw Sudoku puzzles. Contents: More than 1,000 Jigsaw 9×9 Sudoku PuzzlesDifficulty level is suitable for those who are new to Jigsaw Sudoku, and also […]
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Super Sudoku Quad Samurai Book

A new volume with QUAD Samurai Sudoku Puzzles has been released. I tried to keep the price of this volume lower than others. Therefore, in this volume, you get 80 classic Super Samurai Sudoku puzzles, plus a couple of surprises at the end. Enjoy!
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World’s Hardest Killer Sudoku, vol 3

A new volume of World’s Hardest Killer Sudoku has just been published. Nothing’s changed from previous 2 volumes: 90 IQ Killer Sudokus and 10 INSANE Killer Sudoku puzzles in this book. Well, of course, all puzzles are NEW, not published before. This book is certainly now for beginners. It is only for experienced Killer Sudoku […]
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