CalcuDoku for Kindle

The 10th game for Kindle that I’ve published is:

CalcuDoku for Kindle, Kindle Touch, Kindle DX and Kindle Keyboard (all e-ink Kindle devices)

KenKen for Kindle You know that these games are know under many different names, including MathDoku, Square Wisdom, Opdoku and other, “official” names. Whatever you call them, the rules of CalcuDoku are always the same: don’t repeat the numbers in rows and columns, solve the puzzle so that the digits in cages result in the value given for that cage, using the specified arithmetic operation. As all other Kindle Games, this one is a fully featured interactive puzzle game with many features: pencilmarks, hints, automatic pencilmarks, multiple level undo/redo, hints and instructions on how to solve puzzles. And it costs just $0.99!!!
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