CalcuDoku For Kids

After all those Kindle apps that I’ve published recently, it’s time for A NEW BOOK! Yes, that’s right, a new paperback book, which is also first of its kind: the puzzles in this book are designed for children.

CalcuDoku for Kids

consists of 200 CalcuDoku (aka square wisdom, mathdoku and other names) puzzles, split into 4 sections: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It’s targeted for elementary school children, so if you like solving puzzles, perhaps your child or a grandchild might also like to give it a try!? A great gift for kids, which will let them play and learn at the same time. The puzzles in this collection start off easy but get progressively more and more difficult. It teaches your child not just basic arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), but also develops problem solving skills, such as: logic, patience, analytical skills and lateral thinking. The instructions give you tips, explain solving methods and a detailed walkthrough of a sample puzzle. Let your child play and learn with this puzzle book!

Kindle version of Calcudoku for Kids

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