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Anti-Chess Killer Sudoku

Hey everybody!  It’s Dan (h3lix) from the forums.  I started a book project a couple of years ago before I went on hiatus and just now finished it! This book contains 112 hand designed puzzles that explore the combination of Killer and Anti-Chess variants and range in difficulty from Beginner to Insane.  I will be […]
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Saturday Special – Killer ACAN Square

The two anti-chess variants anti-knight and anti-camel cannot both exist on a sudoku grid with the standard 3×3 nonets, so I’ve removed the nonets!  In chess, a knight moves 2 cells horizontally and 1 cell vertically or vise versa.  Since this puzzle is anti-knight, none of the red X’s below can contain a 5 because the center […]
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Saturday Special – Extra Groups Kakuro

Rules: Solve the puzzle so that the numbers in every horizontal and vertical region add up to the sum indicated for that region. Numbers CAN NOT be repeated in any region. Additional Rule: The yellow groups of 3×3 blocks contain the numbers 1-9 once and only once.  It took me about 10 hours spread out […]
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Saturday Special – Samurai X Killer Sudoku

Djape has kindly granted me my own corner as well, which I will use to present my own hand-designed Saturday Specials.  We’ll start things off with a big one. Samurai: This puzzle consists of 5 overlapping grids, which on their own don’t neccessarily have a unique solution, but together they do. X: Along the diagonal lines […]
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