Archive of daily puzzles delayed :(

I’ve had some problems today with my website hosting company because apparently they don’t support a library that is required for displaying images gallery style (so you could browse through old daily puzzles). There is a workaround for that, but it’s going to take a day or so to implement. I’m sorry about this folks. Anyway, I’ve prepared a puzzle for tommorrow which will be posted when the time comes. When I was looking for a suitable one to post, I was trying to find one that would be good for giving you more tips and solving strategies. Therefore, tommorrow you will have a few more solving tips along with the daily puzzle. By the way, all these daily puzzles are created with my “Perfect Sudoku” software. If you download and register “Perfect Sudoku” you can generate them on your PC too! I should also point out that all Killer Sudoku’s generated and posted here are “perfect” (see the definition here), the same way as regular Sudoku’s are. The Killer Sudoku X (diagonal), which was posted a few days ago was no exception – it had only one diagonal solution, although there was another non-diagonal solution. I hope you’re enjoying solving these daily puzzles!
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