600 picross hanjie griddlers nonograms in one book!

Here we go folks! You can expect a ton of posts in the next couple of weeks with announcements for new puzzle books I’ve released. First up, something that I hinted in my previous post: The Massive Book of Picross Hanjie Griddlers Nonograms with more than 600 picture puzzles has been published! This is the book with the largest number of griddlers out there. Be warned: all puzzles in this book have previously been published in the first 6 volumes of my hanjie-picross series of books. The price may seem high, but this is really a great value for your money! For under $40 you get 6 volumes worth of puzzles, which would cost you over $80! So you are getting the same number of puzzles for less than half the money! The puzzles have been overhauled and slightly modified in appearance. The fonts are bigger and the lines are thinner so that the available space on a page would be used better. If you like picture puzzles, this book is an absolute must! And here is something I can already reveal: in a couple of weeks a new volume with ALL NEW HANJIE puzzles will be released. Stay tuned for updates (best is to sign up for the newsletter).
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