4 books available for pre-order

Here is a novelty: 4 of my books are now available for PRE-ORDER. Important: The price on these books is discounted by about $2 or so. When they get published, which is in about a week’s time, the price will go back to normal. In order of their publishing dates, the books in question are:
  • Super Quad Sudoku Samurai will be published on November 21. It’s a new series of books with Super Samurai Sudoku puzzles and it contains 10 puzzles more than the previous series!
  • Coming up a day later, on November 22, is a book with 150 Killer Sudoku puzzles of medium and hard difficulties: THINKER-BRAIN-IQ-INSANE. It is a new series called “The Return of the Killer Sudoku“. There are a few killer sudoku variants in there. It is not meant to replace neither “the deadliest” series, nor “the revenge” series. It is something in between those two (but somewhat closer to the deadliest killer sudoku series).
  • Then, on November 23, a completely new book with 100 brand new Nonograms-Griddlers-Picross-Hanjie puzzles is released. All puzzles are new, previously unpublished (unlike in the 600 nonograms book).
  • And last, but certainly not the least is the book simply called “Puzzles by Dr Djape“. This book will be released on November 24, 2017 which marks the first anniversary from the date when I defended my PhD thesis. This book contains 100 sudoku variants and 17 other puzzle types, for a total of 300 puzzles altogether. It’s a very special book with very special puzzles. I hope it turns into a series!
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    I really enjoy doing the Samurai Sudoku in the Washington Post each week. Generally your level of difficulty is helpful, but the last 2 weeks has been awful. Last week the rating was 4, but just looking at the puzzle I knew this was wrong. It took just 30 minutes to complete. This weekend the rating was 3, but again this was ridiculous. The only limit was how fast I could write the first numbers. It took only 20minutes. Something needs to change.

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