1000 Kakuro puzzles in one book

Things are getting veeery busy… and then some! Two announcements: I sent out a newsletter yesterday in which I informed you that from now on, my books will be available for pre-order. More about that in a second, but first, let me tell you that another collection of 1000 Kakuro or Cross Sums or Number Cross or Crosswords with numbers puzzles has been published. This is volume 2 in the series and it actually contains more than volume 1. The number of puzzles hasn’t changed, it’s still 1000 Kakuros, but half of them have grown in size, so there is actually more to solve than in previous volume! IMPORTANT: The book is right now discounted and it’s just $19.99 for 1000 Kakuro puzzles! For a very limited time you are getting a $5 discount, so now is the time to get it! First in best served, while the promotion lasts!!! This book is already released and you can order it and it will be shipped immediately. However, future books will be available for pre-order and one of them actually already is available for pre-order! It’s a new series with Super Samurai sudoku puzzles and once again, in this new series you get more puzzles for your $! Click on the image to find out more… This book will be fully released on November 21. Until then you can add it to your wish list or actually pre-order it and it will be shipped on November 21.
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  1. Tina
    Posted October 15, 2019 at 4:14 pm | Permalink

    Hi Dr. Djape,

    in hope you and your dog are well…
    You promised me not to forget us…as a phd…
    But there is no new stuff -only coloring and simple Sudokus! Boring!!!
    I’m still in hope for new heavy Killers, Samurai… – you are the best of all Creators!
    And I started with Kakuro again now, but in the end it is all the time still the same -boring. And to sit for hours to solve one Kakuro-puzzle, I better spend this time to play with my three cats!;o)
    Please give me more Killers -Zeros…Samurai, the usual stuff!!!
    Your puzzles are a part of my life after all these years now and the very best!


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